About Caviar

About caviar

Sturgeon family are among the rare aquatic species dating back to the age of several hundred million years ago, and therefore caviar fish are called the world’s fossils, which have survived along with the phylogenic evolution to this day. These fishes are divided into 27 species and subspecies in the world, of which 6 species live in the Caspian Sea. The value of sturgeon is not due to the use of their meat, which is due to their eggs, known as black caviar or pearl. The caviar has a of varieties, such as golden and red and black caviar, with black caviar of great value.

The Caspian Sea alone accounts for 93% of the caviar and sturgeon crops. There are also 5 species of world-class sturgeons in the sea, the most important of which is the “
Beluga or Huso huso“.

Caviar is usually made exclusively from the eggs of sturgeon fish. There are different types of caviar that come from different of sturgeon. These include only beluga caviar. Our team is an experienced expert providing the best and freshest Caspian caviar in terms of quality, taste, smell of the best caviar in the world. This activity has gained many years of experience and is proud of us. caviar refers to the roe from wild sturgeon, and the earliest records date back to the 4th century B.C. It also made an appearance during the Roman Empire, but the heaviest consumers of caviar. It’s perhaps for this reason that even though are credited with preparing caviar by salting the roe, it was who defined it as a luxury. Today, caviar is available on most world farms. There can be a nutritional difference between fish egg varieties. But our caviar was from the Caspian Sea, where the sturgeon’s main hometown was over 200 million years old. Therefore, the best caviar in the world with the same climatic and natural conditions is at our disposal, and we have the honor to offer first class caviar to the buyers at least in time and with the highest quality.