About Us

About us

Our specialists are highly experienced, internationally knowledgeable about caviar and well-educated in the world’s major universities and are highly valued for their work. It took many years before we were able to train an experienced team with the necessary coordination to control the production chain until the caviar was delivered. This team includes all cultured and quality control specialties until the caviar stages. What made us as a caviar dealer was the professional experience of over 25 years of our work in various sectors of caviar from the sea or farms.

What we do is deliver sturgeon for which the customer will trust us forever and will always remain a customer. This is a theme that separates us from the rest of the suppliers. Our operating team is based on sturgeon farming fields and is constantly monitoring production operations. Despite the fact that sturgeon production and cultivation is very time-consuming, and for the Beluga species, it lasts 7 to 8 years, but our specialized team has permanent presence in all layers of production in the fields. Our experts’ quest for this is that the long caviar maintains its natural indices, and buyers are confident enough to use it, which is simply not achieved, but requires extensive effort.