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Today, most of the caviar produced in the world is obtained through the cultivation of caviar from the fields. Perhaps the question is whether this caviar is identical with natural caviar, which is formerly derived from marine natural environments. The answer to this question is that caviar produced of the seas that are the main hometown of this fish and the standard production conditions in the fields are almost identical to the caviar with natural and marine caviar. What our expertise has tried to offer only caviar that is adjacent to the seas of the main hometown of sturgeon, and therefore the south of the Caspian Sea is the right place for all our farms in this place. The next point that needs to be explained further is that the water and natural conditions that we use in caviar production are the same as natural conditions, so we can say with all our power that we have the best caviar in the world because of the sea We have used for culture fish, where millions of years old sturgeon naturally live and grow.

In the supply of caviar, we look at the caviar production chain. From the production of sturgeon to culture, then the steps to measure the quality of water and the use of quality aquatic feed and international standards. Many caviar connoisseurs only buy the very finest fish eggs that can cost a hundred dollars or more per ounce.

Caviar is a high-energy foodstuff that has a very pleasant flavor. In general, the protein contained in the caviar consists of the amino acids. Caviar consumption prevents depression and cardiovascular disease, since in ovaries the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids is very high. In addition, the caviar is rich in a combination.  A long chain fatty alcohol that converts into fatty acids in the body. These fatty acids produced in the synthesis of play a significant role. Because caviar is very effective in nerve cell health. In countries where fish and caviar have a special place in people’s eating habits, the incidence of depression is much lower than in other countries. The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in the kidneys prevents high blood cholesterol levels and, consequently, prevents cardiovascular disease. In addition, caviar is very effective in preventing rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation of the joints), gastrointestinal disease and some types of cancer. Caviar is also rich in iron, and therefore its use in people with iron deficiency anemia is also recommended.

The use of caviar, in particular organic caviar, which is free of pesticides, chemicals and pesticides, in pregnant women increases the growth of the brain, the eyes. In addition, athletes increase muscle and improve blood circulation in the body.  Caviar is recommended to patients under chemotherapy because it increases physical activity.

 Beluga fish is the best water in the interior of the country, whose quality is ranked first and its name is Beluga, and examples of it with a weight of up to 1,400 kg and Sunni over 100 years, have been by the fishermen in the past.

The fish spawns every 2 or 3 years, and grows between 5 and 7 years old in terms of well-maintained and properly maintained farms, and the best caviar is ranked the most expensive fish and caviar in the world. It has a range of 1.5 meters to 4 meters, and to this day, its record in Iran was 620 kilograms.

Caviar quality control

Our caviar is produced in the best climates that are needed to grow caviar and in the vicinity of their natural habitat. All the necessary standards are met. The best aquatic feed, which is usually very expensive, and is the best natural food formula that all the ingredients that make up the food are natural for caviar and its cultivation. The consumption of sturgeon is freshly consumed and all standard food points are taken from the production stage to the consumption. The quality of the water fields is also controlled by the electronic sensors under the control of the central computer, and therefore the best aquatic environment for breeding is provided.

We are proud to have the best experienced experts who have worked on research and production centers for many years in the Caspian Sea. Our caviar is separated from sturgeon by observing all health conditions. For caviar production, caviar is extracted from the caviar, which is a health center with an international code of the Cites and is adequately inspected and packaged. What we have and other caviar suppliers do not have much control over our experienced experts from the stage of preparing the sturgeon for the production of caviar, and the exact processing and packaging of caviar based on natural caviar. Unlike other companies, our caviar is very natural and hygienic, while other caviar suppliers do not have one or more agents that we have. Therefore, we have the best surveillance system among different caviar suppliers in the world, and we spend a lot of money on the best caviar in the world, which has a lot of efforts every day to achieve this goal.

Registered & Certified

Caviar is the most superior Caviar out in the market in terms of quality, Therefore, we are required to lab certifications to certify our product’s quality, and acquire CITES permit before shipping to our customers.

Trade Assurance

We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, and have successfully delivered to more than 150 customers. We are able to offer trade assurance to our customers with bulk orders.